Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Who am I

      Who am I? I honestly don't know.I guess I'm just a normal girl without a real home.Although I face  pain everyday I love to laugh, scream and shout but no one likes to see me pout. If you wanna see me happy entertain me.If you wanna see me cry break my heart but if you wanna love me never neglect me                            


  1. What a POWERFUL POST young lady
    I don't know all who you are but I do know some things. You deserved a real home, every child does! It was no fault of your own. Know that!!
    That reality can motivate you to make the rest of your life better and blessed and.... we're here for ya.

  2. You sound like a cutie, with a lot of drama. Try to keep life simple, don't take yourself so seriously. Learn to enjoy others. Most of us human have to deal with pain somewhere in our lives, so learn to embrace all of the good times, trust me the good time will far exceed the bad time!

  3. I now what you mean. I can definitely relate to your drama. But then again look on the bright side its your true friends that will be there though everything. And you only have very few friends when you really think about it.
    by Chantale A.