Tuesday, July 23, 2013

When you think of siblings you would say that they are annoying, but to me I say that siblings are not annoying. Maybe not all of them because I do get along with my siblings. To me I think that it's an honor to have a sibling; sometimes even more than one! I can walk everywhere saying that I love my little brother. My little brother and I actually do get along unlike some who don't. When I think of my brother I think of  going to the extreme to protect him from anything. I know that my brother and I will go through a lot of tough times but I'm wiling to be there for him at any cost. My little brother inspires me because I wouldn't want him to go into foster care like I am.
I remember one of the most exciting time of my life and that was when my brother was born. I remember when he first came home from the hospital. I was so excited! I waited outside for him and my mother! Before she could even get out the car, I went to get him; carried him inside and just kept on playing with him. I got attached to him and didn't want to let him go. I don't have any regrets with him just happiness all the time.

- by Chantale A.